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NameBlunder woman
Basic Infoa true account of a single mom trying to get through life one step at a time, step children, ex partners, current partner, useless parents, I write a charming and hilarious real life account of general parenting faux par's and life !
What Blog Means To YouMy blog is a way of not letting life stress and anxiety get me to breaking point. I use it as an outlet to cope with life problems and obstacles. The most important part of my blog, is that its relateable on a fundamental level to all parents, its funny, charming, and witty but covers serious issues. I need people on social media to see that's is OK not to be OK. It's OK to mess up as a parent, its OK to have a total breakdown. Social media puts too much pressure on individuals to be a certain way and I am trying to break these barriers one blog post at a time to say we are all perfect as we are even if most days we are broken. If one parent can relate to my day, if one person can smile and see the funny side to life then I fulfilled my dream with my blogging.

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