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Known for wearing my blue blazer, intially started off as a blog that followed my lifestyle around the City of Edinburgh, and although there are still elements of this, it has now transformed into a lifestyle blog for people interested in the parts of life that bring us a sense of fun, happiness and a little touch of luxury from all over . I work with brands, restaurants and others to cover subjects with regards food and drink, travel, health and beauty, fashion and design. I like to bring informal yet informative blog posts to the people of Edinburgh and beyond, to share my experiences with them and only provide honest reviews on the things that I liked so that my viewers can then go out and enjoy that experience themselves.

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Originally starting off as a hobby, blogging has now become a huge part of my life. It has allowed me to share the experiences of my life so that other's can go out and enjoy them to. It has also allowed me to meet an array of creative people who have enriched my life and has even sparked up some beautiful friendships that I might have otherwise not experienced. In the crazy world that we live in just now, blogging allows me to share things that bring a little positivity and joy to not only my life but other too. Working with different brands and writing blog posts have increased my knowledge in areas of photography, social media marketing and writing which has had such a positive impact.

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