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Basic InfoBang It Out On Science is a science blog, which I am currently using to communicate the latest discoveries in space science and health and medicine to the general public. My aim is to educate people about the fast moving world of science, allowing children and adults from other working fields such as accountancy or business to grasp a tiny piece of science knowledge day by day.
What Blog Means To YouI am an individual who has recently completed a masters in cardiovascular science at Imperial College London. I know for a fact, that science is not spread in a coherent and friendly way to the general public. Researchers use research papers to communicate science, but for individuals who might not have a science degree, reading research papers may be an extremely difficult experience. I want to bypass this current way to communicate science, by providing a blog which is friendly to both children and adults, who might not have a strong science knowledge. Science blogs are free to read, which means that it is not a necessity to pay high tickets prices to go to science events such as the New Scientist Live. Blogging is a huge deal for me. I came to this country back in 2009 from Italy, not knowing a single english word. I constantly read science blogs online, which not only allowed me to improve my writing skills, but also allowed me to stay updated in the world of science. I feel that it is my time to help other young minds out there to accomplish their expectations and dreams.

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