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Basic InfoWell, first of all I did not expect to be nominated! I feel quite emotional! My blog started out as a creative outlet when I was struggling with mental health issues; a way for me to express myself without anyone knowing my identity, no pre-conceptions and no judgements. I started getting people messaging me for advice. So I started blogging more. Some of the responses have been amazing. I blog about my life with mental health issues. I talk about every aspect of it, the bad and the good.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging has become essential to my recovery. It keeps me going on some of my worst days. I know I'm not the biggest blog out there. Far, far from it! But if I can affect even one life by sharing what I have been through and what I am going through, then it makes it all worth it. To this day I have never revealed my true identity. Perhaps because I blog so openly and honestly. But if my followers have taught me anything, it's that I shouldn't be ashamed of my story and what I've been through.

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