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NameBe kind to your mind
Basic InfoBe Kind To Your Mind was born as a mental health blog, to provide a platform to share my own experiences with mental illness, raise awareness and money for various charities (over £1000), help others and fight stigma. Since then, it's also evolved into a lifestyle blog, where I post relatable, relevant content and utter nonsense where I try to be funny!
What Blog Means To YouI started blogging when I was in the dark depths of mental illness. It was an outlet that gave me a voice to express myself and talk to others who were going through similar things. I didn't think anyone would read it; however viewing figures quickly grew and I began to receive a lot of messages to say how much my honesty had helped them speak out. Blogging gave me a purpose when I needed it, as well as courage and self-awareness. I wanted to make a positive difference and help others as well as myself, and blogging enables me to do that.

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