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NameArchie and the rug
Basic InfoA blog that started as a hobby when I had breast cancer fast became my career leading to TV work, freelance writing and book deals. My blog is an authentic voice of my life. It focuses on a creative slow life, recipes, craft, sustainable living and my musings on managing my health.
What Blog Means To YouEverything. After the credit crunch my field of charity work began to shrink and my husband was forced to move to France to stay in work. Being able to write for a living afforded me the chance to start over and join my husband for the 4 years e spent in France. I have been able to spend time with my children by working strange blogging hours and exploring all of the creativity I had to put on hold for many years. I have made friends through blogging that I now Skype all over the world. It was and is a turning point and continues to be a daily adventure in a young industry.

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