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NameAppleton Wildlife Diary
Basic InfoI set up my blog in 2013 when I was 9 years old, as a way to keep a diary of the wildlife on my local patch. I use photography and trail cameras to document the antics of the creatures and the turning of the seasons. As well as using my blog as an online diary I use it to hopefully inspire other young people in to falling in love with nature. Appleton Wildlife Diary features anything and everything I discover from insects, to larger mammals
What Blog Means To YouBlogging means I can share the relationships I've built up with the animals on my local patch with others. The 12 badgers I've come to recognise, their births and deaths. Watching fox cubs grow up, H3 my local ringed Buzzard raise a family or share places I've been to and the wildlife I've found there. I've been lucky that my blog has introduced me to other wildlife enthusiasts who share my passion, if sometimes only over social media. My blog is my way of connecting people, sharing tips and hints and showing people, especially young people how fantastic wildlife is.

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