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NameAnt on a Slant
Basic InfoWe run an automotive blog that focuses solely on motorcycles and the biking industry. We attend events, preform product reviews and motorcycle test rides. We have been running for merely a year and a half, in that time We've attended over 5 motorcycle shows in the UK and Europe, performed 8 test rides of the latest bikes, received over 32 sponsorship's and acquired 2.5k subscribers on youtube, 15k fans on instagram and an e-mail base of 7k+! This year we're looking to expand even further and are working closely with a company to jump our e-mail list to over 25,000 from 3 motorcycle shows!
What Blog Means To YouTwo years ago, my beloved MT-09 was stolen outside of my workplace in less than 15 seconds flat. At the time I was working long shifts as a chef with very little money. I knew I wouldn't be able to afford another bike. I suffered with depression for a while until my girlfriend eventually decided to encourage me to become a motorcycle blogger. From this, I ended up with a MT-10, I quit my job, became a full time social media executive and now spend all of my spare time running my blog and Youtube. Being a blogger for me, is so much more than a title. It has completely transformed my life and showed me that opportunities are always just around the corner if you continue to follow what you love.

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