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Namealternative ageing
Basic InfoI started Alternative Ageing (named after my 3rd book) four years after retiring because I was bored and needed a hobby! Fast approaching my last year in my 60s I am thrilled that the blog is an unprecedented success in my mission to inspire women Over50 to embrace ageing by looking good & feeling great. Interestingly, half of my 16k followers on Instagram are under 35!) The blog is a mix of my styling tips as a vintage lady, vintage style, beauty & health advice (with my nutritionist's hat on) ranging from irritable bladder syndrome (posing in big pee-proof knickers!) to the 5:2 diet. I am now working with many brands normally associated with the younger market and only recently was featured as model for a huge Revolution Make Up campaign representing diversity. I also share my personal lifestyle stuff encouraging my readers to grab life by the balls and join me in dancing into our 90s. They seem to love it! In summary, my blog is all about positive ageing not anti-ageing and not caring a hoot what other people think if I chose to go to an Eminem gig - on my own - 'cause we baby boomers rock!
What Blog Means To YouIt means sharing my life and experiences to inspire women of my age, and older and younger, to stay visible, healthy and relevant.

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