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NameAll abord the fray train
Basic InfoI've always loved sharing my travel stories with friends and family. Over the last 20 years I've learnt how to be a better traveller, photographer (I fell in love with 360-degree photography the second I saw it), and hopefully a better human being.With that in mind I decided to use my blog as an opportunity to not only share tales from the road, but also to share my knowledge to help others achieve their travelling dreams – from saving whilst you're away, travelling cheap, and how to have a true local experience. I also use my passion for 360-degree photography to give my readers a more immersive, interactive travel experience.All Aboard the Fraytrain was created to be a go-to platform for real, funny and moving stories that help give you a taste of what backpacking the world is really like, exploring new places and inspiring you to pack your bags and get out there yourself.
What Blog Means To YouTo me, blogging means connecting. Connecting with the people you meet and the places you visit, and then translating their message into something which inspires others to go and make their own connections.

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