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NameA Cornish Geek
Basic InfoWhile I consider myself a lifestyle blogger, my blog focuses primarily on books and stationery. I have a long-standing working relationship with the likes of Abrams + Chronicle, Little, Brown UK and Literary Emporium and it means a lot to me that these high profile businesses continue to work with me. My blog has grown immensely in the last year - I was selected as one of Busy B's Brand Ambassadors, was named as one of Stationery Matters' 30 Under 30 two years in a row and received paid sponsorship to attend the London Stationery Show.
What Blog Means To YouI'm a writer by trade and I love having a platform to share my passion. I also love the community. So many of my favourite books have been brought to my attention by fellow bloggers and the fab press teams at the publishing companies I work with. I can't imagine ever not blogging. I also love seeing reader comments from people who have been inspired and influenced by something I've written. I don't take for granted the opportunities I have to work with awesome businesses and it feels so rewarding to be able to raise their profile even a little bit and encourage someone else to try their products.

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