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NameA brummie home and abroad
Basic InfoA Brummie Home and Abroad is a part travel, part lifestyle blog which aims to show that you can still be passionate about travel, even when its a part-time endeavour, and that what's on your doorstep should never be underestimated. In my case, my doorstep is the awesome city of Birmingham. I've recently turned 40, and love showing through my blog that entering my fifth decade doesn't mean all National Trust and Saga holidays - my husband and I may be childfree but we can be the biggest kids around!
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is my little corner of the internet where I can share my travel memories in a warm and friendly environment. I want readers to grab a cuppa and come along with me as I revisit favourite - and not so favourite - experiences. I love writing, and blogging gives me an outlet to do so. I've fostered a small but wonderfully engaged following, and I love that I can inspire others as my travel style is distinctly "normal" and completely achievable to others. It's not luxury, or adventure, or female solo, or budget backpacker. It's a normal couple who love to travel, around full-time jobs, throwing all our hard-earned cash at our next trip.

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