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Name24 hours lay over
Basic InfoAfter living abroad for almost 4 years, travelling extensively around almost 70 countries and experiencing the feeling of empowerment from solo travel, I am sharing my travel experiences, journey and tips on this website with travellers all over the world. I specialise in creating unique photographic content displaying my travels, with the aim to give people inspiration to pursue their dreams, travel and love the life they live.
What Blog Means To YouI first started documenting my travels because there have been a handful of times in my life when I have been utterly breathtaken by nature, and how I wished my parents could have experienced those things with me, so I started sharing my experiences so they could keep up with my travels and get inspiration! But now, blogging means so much more to me - it is a way to express how I feel, to connect with my audience and to enhance my travel experiences. But most importantly, it has given me the gift of being able to connect with fellow bloggers who share my passion for travel. Building this rapport, developing friendships and a community, supporting and learning from each other helps us to grow and be continuously motivated and inspired.

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