is all about being Deliciously British, and we are excited to be partnered with the UK Blog Awards celebrating the Best of British bloggers. Food and drinks bloggers inspire all of us to be more creative with our food, to try new places and to sip new drinks.
We are curious to know if bloggers are always honest when they eat out or do invites, and complimentary meals mean a favoured review? Do you actively seek out new places and new things- or are you waiting for venues to contact you and invite you in for free meals and experiences?
We also want to know about the content that inspires you to try new places. Where is it that you draw your inspiration from and how do you decide what goes into your blog, and what gets skipped over.
Perhaps with being a Deliciously British Restaurant one of the most interesting topics to us is the notion that food is becoming too ‘scientific’. Chefs have stepped into lab coats and food is becoming increasingly complex. Do you prefer simple food or food that has been freeze dried or foamed and have reviews and food descriptions become more powerful than pictures. One of the answer is that the questions are endless.
In our world, where we share pictures of our lives on Facebook, Tweet our experiences and share picture perfect moments on Instagram, has the appearance of food become more important than how it tastes?
Phew- that was a lot of questions and we could go on!We look forward to Tweeting all things food and drink and hearing what you have to say and look forward to finding out your thoughts during #BlogHour tomorrow. We hope you like the questions we have developed below. Before you join us, ensure you come with a full belly:

Q1. Are bloggers always honest when they eat out? via  #BlogHour

Q2. What content inspires you to try new places? via  #BlogHour

Q3. Do you prefer blogging about eating in, or eating out? What do you think gains the most traction with your audiences? via  #BlogHour

Q4. Which is more powerful; describing food or pictures of food? via  #BlogHour

Q5. Is food becoming too scientific? Is appearance more important than taste? via  #BlogHour

Q6. What is your idea of food and drink heaven via  #BlogHour

We hope you can join the scrumptious conversation with  tomorrow from 9pm via  Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #BlogHour.

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