Earlier this month, we co-hosted an  gala meet up with bloggers and brands with Debenhams at their flagship Oxford Street store. The event showcased an array of occasion wear that  has on offer in store. To compliment the evening further, we were greeted with delicious canapes, fizz and a nail bar – we were truly spoilt!

Since hosting two events with our , this has provided us with the opportunity to see how brands and bloggers network in more intimate surroundings and to develop important lasting relationships. What key things do you benefit from attending events?  We have a short list below:

1. Putting a face to a name: the reality is that social media has provided a quick and fast social media connection tool. Of course, this works, but we must not replace with face to face interaction

2. Conversation is not limited on characters: a Tweet is limited to 140 characters, Instagram has its hashtag limits and no one wants to read a Facebook essay. Having conversations at events do not only lead to introductions, but conversations can lead to opportunities and collaborations. No one can showcase the passion of your blog more than you

3. Meet familiar faces: once you have created an initial relationship, whether this has been initiated online or face to face , it is important to maintain. Many business, bloggers and brands work collaborately after developing the right relationships, the opportunities are endless

4. Celebrating and sharing ideas: every blogger works extremely hard. Celebrating your content and sharing thoughts and ideas is key when developing any form of content. The importance of blogger and brand meet ups is that bloggers gain an insight into how the brands engage with their content and vice versa. Both sides can ask questions to help each other improve and make a difference across their industry. We will toast to that. Will you?

5. You can connect digitally: Hashtags have become an event saviour. At times, you may not be able to attend every event. By following hashtags, it provides you to be apart of the event experience and connect with bloggers and brands present at events.

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