Healthcare Industry

Blogger Spotlight: Mental Health Online – an interview with 2 incredible Instagrammers

For our Thursday blogger spotlight this week we’ve touched base with Dr Emma Hepburn @thepsychologymum and Dr Emma Svanberg @mumologist – both clinical psychologists who are crushing it on Instagram with their talented approach at opening up and discussing the topic of mental health.             […]

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#Bloghour – Mental Health and your blogger movement.

There is speculation and concern across many digital platforms, mass media and authorities that the world of influencers, bloggers and content creators might be damaging to the general population. With ‘comparison-itis’ and FOMO rife among people (not just the young- we see it every single day) we really want to […]

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#BEDN > Blog Chat Equation: Content + Conversation x Engagement = #BlogHour

Is it really Day 9 of #BEDN already? How quickly November is flying by and Christmas is fastly approaching. Over the past few days across our @UKBlogAwards Twitter handle we have asked “What stops people commenting on Blogs?” we received some great response to this simple but effective question and may provide […]

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