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Ethics, choices and eco – OH MY! #Bloghour

For tonight’s #bloghour we want to discuss a topic suggested by Hannah Rudd – @Hannahsrudd – all about ethics and eco friendliness. Hannah said: ‘I think a #bloghour on the ethics/ecofriendliness of products/experiences etc. reviewed by bloggers would be great. Do bloggers think of the impact of a product before […]

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Let’s get down to {blogger} business! #Bloghour

Today we want to talk about a very interesting topic suggest by @BracesUK – UK Adult Braces – who is a regular ‘face’ on our #bloghour chats over on Twitter. His suggestion was: ‘We’ve had chats about monetising blogs but what about a focus on running the business side of […]

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Monetising, Maximising and Entrepreneurialism – #Bloghour

We’re getting a bit more business focussed this week with the #bloghour suggestion from Morphman the Clown – @MorphmanSL who’s idea was: ‘Perhaps something about alternative routes to monetize your blog, beside ads? Revenue stream diversification?’ We loved the idea, it’s something we’re always keen to support and promote at […]

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