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Engage, engage, engage – #Bloghour

And if the title of this post didn’t give it away then YES- the topic for this week’s #bloghour is in fact- ENGAGEMENT. A topic suggested by the lovely @yorkshiremumof4 who wants tips, advice and ideas on how to: Engage with your audience on Instagram Engage more with your Twitter followers Grow […]

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stem bloggers

#Bloghour update: 5 STEM Bloggers to follow!

After an amazing #Bloghour last night all about: Equality in blogging What kind of community the blogging world has A celebration of STEM bloggers We realised that not enough of our community know about STEM subjects and the amazing bloggers who represent these subjects. First of all, what is STEM? […]

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Blogger Spotlight: Katie Houghton and her happy post!

We are so pleased to be able to bring you our latest blogger spotlight, this week we talked to Katie Houghton – blogger (post of the happy post) and all around wonderful person over at Mental Health Journey. Make yourself a cup of tea, take a few minutes and have […]

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Let’s get down to {blogger} business! #Bloghour

Today we want to talk about a very interesting topic suggest by @BracesUK – UK Adult Braces – who is a regular ‘face’ on our #bloghour chats over on Twitter. His suggestion was: ‘We’ve had chats about monetising blogs but what about a focus on running the business side of […]

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Guestblogging 101: #Bloghour

We have the fantastic Sarah’s Thinking Again to thank for our #bloghour topic this week. GUESTBLOGGING 101! That’s right, we want to discuss all of the pro’s and con’s of guestblogging, how to do it, where to find opportunities and how to maximise those relationships! Guestblogging can be a fantastic […]

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The power of imagery – #Bloghour

So another #Bloghour is here again, and this week we’re talking practicalities…last week we had an incredibly deep chat about the power of your network, connections and not being lonely. Whilst we LOVE our emotion based chats with you, we do want to make sure we’re talking about useful tools, […]

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