In todays world of, and all of the other branding/Marketing and tech sites available- it’s become pretty standard now to expect a blogger, business and everyone in between to have their branding and Marketing completely on point. The justification of this is that it’s affordable, easy and fast to achieve.

However, the issue that many brands face is not in the ‘getting it done,’ it’s in the thoughts, the planning and overall vision that you want for your brand. Over at UK Blog HQ we’re cooking up some exciting tools and resources to make your life as a Blogger that much easier- but we want to understand first, how much brand and design plays a role in your blogger business. Do you invest your time and other resources into the design, layout and execution of your blog and other affiliated platforms?

Brand and design is a topic of conversation for most businesses, they invest hundreds and thousands (if not millions) of pounds into their branding, Marketing, website and visual representation of their company- but how important is it for the rest of us? What sort of role does it play for you and the growth of your blog? We hope you enjoy this week’s #Bloghour

1) Is branding, website design, the visual representation of your brand that important?
2) Has branding and the visual representation of your blog played a key role throughout the growth of your blog?
3) Do you spend money on your branding? If so would you be willing to share how much?
4) Have you spent much time developing your knowledge around this topic?
5) Do you believe it’s important to invest in your branding to build your blogger business?
6) Do you have a strong vision for the future of your blogger business brand? Would you share it with us?

Thanks for your answers this week- and thank you for bring an amazing part of this community!

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