With less than one week to go until entries open for #UKBA15 via our website, we cannot wait to network with you virtually this evening! As usual our followers have Tweeted us some questions and we have add some extra questions in for good measure!

Join us tonight on Tuesday 26th August for the UK Blog Awards #Bloghour from 9 – 10 pm.

Some of the questions for discussion this evening include:

Q1 via  > Do you think lots of scheduled Tweets work to promote your Blog or do they subtract the personal touch? #Tweets #BlogHour

Q2 > Which new Social Media platforms are ‘up and coming’ in your opinion and why? #SocialMedia #BlogHour

Q3 > Who do you value as a thought leader in your industry and the Blogging world? #BlogHour

Q4 via  > Follow for follow. Comment for comment. Are Bloggers only promoting themselves or really interested in other Blogs? #BlogHour

Q5 > If you were to attend a Blog and Social Media conference, what topics would you like to learn more about? #BlogHour

Q6 > Have you seen our ? Do you have any others? #BlogHour #ContentMarketing

All participants of #BlogHour are of course welcome to ask their own questions and request any advice they need using the #BlogHour hashtag. And as always please do network and share details of your blog and recent blog posts!

If you have never taken part in #BlogHour before and want to know more about how it works our  may be helpful.

We look forward to Tweeting with you from our  handle!

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