We’ve touched on it several times before but we really do care about how lonely it can get as a blogger. Being at home alone a lot writing content CAN get monotinous….not to mention can staunch creativity.

So we want to talk about all of the ways a blogger can get around people, get into creative spaces and meet fellow creatives to create that tall important buzz!

Q1) Do you have a space you can go to, to write? (we’re thinking a Costa, WeWork etc) – share the location and any links if you can please! #Bloghour
Q2) What/where is your favourite spot for ‘getting creative’? #Bloghour
Q3) Are there any events going on each month/week (or even sporadic) where you can meet and network with fellow bloggers? #Bloghour
Q4) Where have you made most of your blogger friends? #Bloghour
Q5) Do you find ‘getting lonely’ as a challenge you face? #Bloghour
Q6) Any advice for a blogger struggling to meet fellow bloggers and get out and about? #Bloghour

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