It is #NationalBestFriendsDay, which nicely supports this weeks topic of, Your Online Community for #BlogHour tonight at 9pm. The Blogging community is very warming and has provided many people with the opportunity to reach out to individuals that they would not normally be friends with or even meet in their lifetime – the power of Social Media!

When online, it is very important to develop a community. Whether you are an individual looking to meet friends, build a network circle within your industry or have a community voice as a business online, these factors are what draws us and one of the very reasons why Social Media is so strong today.

We hope you are able to join #BlogHour this evening and enjoy the questions at 9pm from the  Twitter handle. We love sharing your Blogging and Social Media questions, therefore, do get in touch if you have any burning questions.

Q1. Which social networking sites do you share out to as soon as your #BlogArticle has gone live? via  #BlogHour

Q2. Are you apart of a organised online community or do you prefer to build your own? #BlogHour

Q3. How much time do you spend writing posts vs all of the other stuff (photos, comments, social media, plugins etc) via 

Q4. Should an online community always stay virtual? Do you try and meet face to face with trusted online members? #BlogHour

Q5. To build a community, do you think it is important to have the right voice? Have you ever struggle with people or businesses online? #BlogHour

Q6. How would you describe your online personality and do you think this shows? An online voice is very different to your speaking voice. #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy the questions this evening, see you at 9pm!

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