Ok so this week we want to get really positive for bloghour, we want to hear about all of the wonderful, fulfilling, rewarding parts of being a blogger. We want you to share your favourite tools, tips and hints to have a better life as a blogger and we want to look to the future and celebrate our blogger lives.

Maybe it’s because the UK Blog Awards is in 3 days…or maybe we’re just over tired… but we really feel that this week should be a celebration!

1) Why did you get into Blogging? #bloghour

2) How did you choose your blog name? #bloghour

3) What’s your favourite thing about blogging? #bloghour

4) What’s the BEST tool you use on/with/for your blog? #bloghour

5) Who’s your favourite blogger EVER? #bloghour

6) What’s your 1 BIG goal for the next year for your blog? #bloghour

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