It’s a really tough question for us here at the UK Blog Awards – we love doing new things, throwing ourselves into exciting projects and just generally filling up our diary!

But what happens when something is no longer working for you anymore? We’re not talking about money…we’re talking about something not making you happy, not fulfilling you and not really congruent with your values any longer.

Have you ever had that? Have you experienced that before?

Let’s discuss this topic and see how you’ve handled those issues!
Q1) Have you ever found yourself going down a path you don’t want to (work/career or life wise)? #Bloghour
Q2) Has there been a set of feelings and emotions you’ve felt that has told you, you’re in the wrong place? #Bloghour
Q3) What was your immediate reaction to this realisation? #Bloghour
Q4) What was your longer term reaction? How did you cope with these feelings? #Bloghour
Q5) Did you make a plan for next steps? did you talk with someone? #Bloghour
Q6) How did you feel once you’d let it go? #Bloghour

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