Vlogging and video marketing was the online trend to look out for during 2015, with 1 billion users and 6 billion views each month, interest in video and it’s voice is here to stay. Whilst the popular platforms such as and  have been used in a fun and social way between individuals and vloggers online, brands and businesses are now seeing the impact that video marketing can have with its online audience. Some argue that other platforms are now putting TV adverts under pressure and could potentially be replaced through video marketing online.

Video may be a daunting task to start with, but wasn’t starting your Blog initially or did you feel more comfortable being able to type and control the voice and structure of your content? It cannot be denied that video portrays the personal touch and feels more engaging. We are now beginning to see the people behind the content and we love it! And, there are many vloggers that have hit the news in previous years, one key vloggers that springs to mind for us is Zoella who is not only one of the UK’s super vloggers whom many will look to for inspiration, Zoella was also listed in n this year – a great inspiration and acheivement.

The question is, are you ready to step up in 2015 and showcase your first batch of video content online? Whether you are new to vlogging or see yourself as an expert in the field, we hope you can join #BlogHour fro the UK Blog Awards Twitter handle  from 9-10pm to discuss all things video marketing and vlogging. There will be further content about this topic via our Blog in the coming months, so look out for some great posts around all things video!

Please see the questions below for discussion tonight:

Q1. Have you thought about starting a video Blog, what tips do you think can help overcome shyness? #BlogHour

Q2. How do you make your video creatives and what would help draw your audience in for viewing? #BlogHour

Q3. In terms of marketing, how often should you vlog and do you believe being consistent is key? #BlogHour

Q4. What other forms of video marketing do you use and how can all forms of video be linked for effective marketing? #BlogHour

Q5. Who are your most inspirational vloggers and what do you like about their style that could help others? #BlogHour

Q6. Which social media platforms provide the best links back results and why do you think this is? #BlogHour

We hope you can out down your camera’s and join the discussion at 9pm tonight.

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