After an amazing #Bloghour last night all about:

  • Equality in blogging
  • What kind of community the blogging world has
  • A celebration of STEM bloggers

We realised that not enough of our community know about STEM subjects and the amazing bloggers who represent these subjects.

First of all, what is STEM?

Stem stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHS – You can learn more about STEM and particularly the application of these subjects in education here.

After last night we wanted to create a list of the bloggers we regularly tune in to who are creating some incredible content in STEM world:

Soph Talks Science

First up HAS to be our #UKBA18 Individual content creator of the year award winner – Soph Talks Science! Soph is an incredible pioneer of STEM content and you can regularly find her on Instagram sharing stories of her in the lab, explaining her experiments or just being on hand to answer any kind of question you might have (like why do we smell and how does our nose work for example!) Soph’s latest campaign is with Barbie and Tynker and is promoting a #Youcanbeanything campaign – you can read all about it here.

Kate on Conservation

Next up (and you might argue that she doesn’t come under STEM but we say she does :-p) is Kate on Conservation. Kate is an absolute pioneer of wildlife, conservation and environmental preservation. Her campaigns and collaborations with companies such as National Geographic, IAPWA and Ocean Sole (to name a few) are inspirational and so informative. Her content and photos are so powerful and you won’t be disappointed to spend a couple of minutes reading her blogs each week. You’ll regularly find her joining us for #bloghour so should give her a follow over on Twitter. 

Fresh Science

OK, our next blogger is Nicola of Fresh Science Blog, recommended by the awesome Soph Meets Science, Nicola is a PhD student studying the molecular/genetic basis of breast cancer. She currently holds a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Sciences, and has a passion for writing about science! She’s written a pretty awesome article all about becoming a science blogger, so if you want to know what it takes you can take a read here. She’s also over on Twitter if you want to give her a follow!

In a science world

Another very new blogger to us but someone who we are already LOVING is Lisa Jones from In a science world. An incredible developmental physiology PhD student at The University of Southampton (actually she’s JUST finished her PhD.) More specifically, she’s researching how various diets (high-fat and vitamin D deficient) during pregnancy can affect the offspring’s skeletal muscle development and function in later life…wow! Her Twitter feed is purely inspirational so make sure you give her a follow!

Sasha W

Ok so rounding off our 5 picks of STEM bloggers today is Sasha W – a science communicator, Biochem researcher and creator #PhDenomenalPhDemale. She doesn’t have a ‘blog’ but her Twitter and Instagram feed are….epic! Sasha’s use of social media has definitely shone a light on the world of STEM particularly how this affects women and the progress for women in this working world. You can check out her latest TEDX talk here too.

This list is NOT exhaustive, there are TONNES of STEM bloggers out there, this isn’t our list of the best, just content creators that we love following (and watching!) Who else do you follow in the STEM world? Let us know in the comments below!

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