This week’s #bloghour is all about mental exhaustion, we touched on this a little bit last week but it’s such an important topic because so many people suffer from ‘burnout.’

It feels like mental exhaustion is this permanently lingering ‘thing’ that is always in the background threatening to ‘jump out’ and get you. Especially when you’ve thrown yourself into something (an activity/project/new job etc.)

Mental exhaustion can be catastrophic and it can affect every single area of your life if you don’t get in control of it (easier said that done!)

Q1) Have you ever suffered from mental exhaustion?

Q2) What happens to you when you are mentally exhausted?

Q3) Can you recognise when you’re getting close to breaking point or does it just creep up on you?

Q4) What’s the first thing you do when you’ve realised what’s happened to you?

Q5) What is your ‘go-to’ solution for getting your mind (and soul) back on the right path and out of your danger zone?

Q6) What can we do BEFORE mental exhaustion hits us to prevent it?

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