Hot sand on a sunny beach

A cold cocktail on a warm summers evening

The smell of suntan lotion on our skin

An endless supply of delicious salads

Ok, so these are our favourite things about summer, but with autumn officially here and winter fast on its’ way, it’s fair to say that we are firmly summer fans at UKBA HQ.

This got us thinking about all of our favourite things and we wanted to use tonight to celebrate that. Let’s talk about your favourite things, what makes you happy? What do you enjoy? It’s ALL about positivity tonight folks. We hope you can join!

Q1) What’s your favourite thing about blogging? #bloghour

Q2) What is/are your favourite topic(s) to talk about? #bloghour

Q3) Who is your favourite blogger? (no quantity limit – just go for it!) #bloghour

Q4) What is the best thing you’ve achieved (or gotten out of) blogging? #bloghour

Q5) What’s your favourite tool EVER to use for your blog? #bloghour

Q6) What’s the one thing you could be, do or have that would make you happier? #bloghour

We cannot wait to talk tonight, we hope this topic can be a bit of joy and a lot of discussion to you if you’re joining us!

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