It’s so hard, whether you work for yourself, for someone else or if you’re building your blog and juggling a million things in between – the notion of self care is so very un-British…or at least it has been until now!

In years gone by we seem to have got into this weird habit of martyrdom and truly believed the saying that ‘the early bird catches the worm.’ With all of these inspirational tales of hugely successful entrepreneurs starting their day at 4am and finishing at midnight etc…as if to insinuate that only getting 4 hours of sleep is commensurate with business success! (Crazy!)

It’s not! (Just look at Ariana Huffington’s horrific breakdown that hospitalised her for further proof!)

So what we’re advocating this year is a bit more ‘ME time,’ a slower (but steadier) pace, and long term achievable goals that we know we can nail without giving up every other part of our life (and sanity.)

SO, we want to discuss self care and what you can do to make sure you prioritise you.

Q1) Do you do any self care right now?

Q2) What is your favourite kind of self care?

Q3) What is your biggest barrier stopping you doing more self care?

Q4) If someone has never been able to put themselves first (by finding the time, having the money or just never realised they needed it) what piece of advice could you give them to help them start!

Q5) If money were no object, what one type of self care would you do daily?

Q6) What is your biggest outcome from giving yourself the time, love and support you need? (is it better writing? happier home life? Calmer you?)

We can’t wait to discuss this topic tonight on Twitter at 9pm!

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