Ok, we’re sorry for the delay in getting this out but we’ve had much too much fun frolicking in the sun! Which got us to thinking about our #bloghour topic for tonight…..

How do. you maximise the summer for your blog….. that’s right, a tenuous link perhaps but we’re going with it. Join us tonight at 9pm to discuss!

Q1) How do you ‘use’ the glorious British weather to your blogging advantage?

Q2) Does all of the summer events and generally merriment impact the content you write?

Q3) Is your blog content dependant on where you are and what’s going on at all? (If not why not?)

Q4) What’s your favourite part of summer (ok not blogging related but we still want to know!)

Q5) What is your favourite summer event (it doesn’t matter if you’ve never attended, it could be on your bucket list!)

Q6) Summer promos/hashtags/tips for making the most of the sunshine? (Is this a thing?)

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