We hope you won’t mind this sweeping statement but we believe that most bloggers start their blog with the intention of growth. Of reaching more and more people and to have a ‘successful’ blog.

Although it’s easy to say (and type) that having a goal as lofty as ‘a huge blog with massive reach.’ The plan to get there really isn’t easy, and certainly not straightforward.

When you start out it’s often just with writing great content. So HOW do scale up? Well that’s what we want to discuss on our bloghour tonight at 9pm.

Q1) Do you set yourself goals for your blog? #Bloghour
Q2) What does success look like to you? #Bloghour
Q3) Can you map out a plan to success? #Bloghour
Q4) What tools can you use to help you on your path to scaling up your blog? #Bloghour
Q5) What good can you do with a bigger blog? (bigger in terms of numbers/readership) #Bloghour
Q6) Does readership or follower number mean anything in todays day though? (We hope this will be a patient/kind debate) #Bloghour

See you tonight at #bloghour over on our Twitter.

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