This is our second to last #Bloghour of 2018…can you believe it? The second to last one….WOW! It’s been a crazy year, we had our biggest Blog Awards yet in 2018. With the launch of #UKBA19 we had more entrants than ever before (and so far more votes.)

But things are set to change next year, the world is evolving (not just the blogging world.) But the whole world is tapping into what means more, the truth and value of something….we are tired of the glossed up Disney version of life and we want to see the truth, behind the curtain…

We want to change with it, we want to do more, be better and give more in 2019…but what about you?

So #bloghour this week is part 1 (of 2 parts) that will hopefully help us ALL getting a bit excited for 2019 and to start making some big plans for what we hope to achieve next year!

Q1) Do you normally set goals and your blog mission out at the beginning of the year? #Bloghour

Q2) Do you use any online tools for goal setting and planning targets etc? #Bloghour

Q3) Do you create a vision board or journal your intentions? #Bloghour

Q4) How do you start to plan your year ahead? (We like to review the last year!) #Bloghour

Q5) What do you think is the perfect way to start the year? #Bloghour

Q6) How often do you celebrate your successes? #Bloghour

OK – so this week we’re OFFICIALLY laying the foundations for part 2 next week….we hope you’ll join us over on Twitter. We can’t wait!

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