There is speculation and concern across many digital platforms, mass media and authorities that the world of influencers, bloggers and content creators might be damaging to the general population.

With ‘comparison-itis’ and FOMO rife among people (not just the young- we see it every single day) we really want to open up this conversation, to generate awareness of it. More importantly we want to talk to you…

1) Do you think mental health issues and the conversations around these are given enough public spotlight? #Bloghour

2) Do you feature mental health on your blog/channels at all? #Bloghour

3) Are there resources out there to support you with your mental health that you’re currently using? #bloghour

4) What do you think this industry needs to provide support and guidance for bloggers and their mental health? #bloghour

5) Do you think that there should be better controls in place digitally for verification and openness on content? #Bloghour

6) What do you think the future holds for mental health awareness and support? Positive or bleak? #Bloghour

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