On of the biggest events in tennis came to a close last weekend in London town. We would like to congratulate Wimbledon winners, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic – Andy, we will hope for another Wimbledon victory in 2016 for you!

Each year, the Wimbledon tournament creates such a great sense of excitement and community spirit at the event and on the edge of our sofas. To help create the personal touch and engage viewers of the tournament, the sponsored brands stepped up their game for 2015 with Jaguar introducing the  which brought the emotion of Wimbledon to life, through unique real-time data. Evian also joined this campaign by introducing their GoggleBox inspired where see the reaction to the action, from a variety of every day folk, hard-core tennis fans and celebrities.

These campaign drew us in, what effect did they have on you? We all know, some brands are in tune with their direct and online audience. As writer and owner of your Blog, do you think about how you market your own Blog and think about how effective you are at engaging with your audience? We see a lot of Bloggers stating that they write their Blog for their own satisfaction, but we question, would your satisfaction be greater if you had a huge readership?

This week during #BlogHour we will discuss Marketing your Blog, you may not even be aware that you are already doing great things to promote your fab. Please see the questions below:

Q1. What would it take for you to come along to a bloggers event? via   #BlogHour

Q2. Guest posting can be a good marketing benefit. Have you guest posted before? What terms would you be happy with? #BlogHour

Q3. How do you keep your blogging life organised? Do you use spreadsheets etc.   #BlogHour

Q4. Awards are not only a strong platform for recognition but exposure, as well as networking. Have you considered this? #BlogHour

Q5. When you have attended events, how does this compare to networking online? #BlogHour

Q6. Have you ever developed your own Blogging campaign or have seen a Blogger market their Blog well? #BlogHour

See you at 9pm!

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