It’s a necessary skill that most bloggers have to learn – the ability to take exceptional images. It supports your content, it builds your brand and it’s another way for you to engage with your readers.

We want to discuss the whys and wherefores of creating the perfect images, we want to hear all about your top tips, your ‘watch points’, your best equipment…all of it! Whilst we’ve asked some questions below, please don’t hesitate to add in your own additional advice.

Q1) How do you take your photos (and videos)? #Bloghour

Q2) What lighting tips can you give to take the best photos? #Bloghour

Q3) What type of camera should a beginner invest in? #Bloghour

Q4) Can an iPhone (or android) take just as good photos as a camera? #Bloghour

Q5) What about storing your photos? #Bloghour

Q6) How do you edit your photos? #Bloghour


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