So tonight, as per our Twitter poll we’re going to combine 2 of your favourite topics into one Bloghour:

The first half we’re going to spend talking about writing, tips and hints etc.

The second half we are going to be focussing on brand partnerships, and what it takes to work with an agency.

Both of these topics are so important for growing and monetising your blog, and we do discuss these 2 a lot- so we hope tonight we can start some new conversations around these topics and bring you even more value. (Quick confession: There may be slightly more than 6 questions….SORRY!)

1) How important is it to your readers that your writing is gramatically correct and written well? (or is it more about the imagery and story telling- you don’t have to be a good writer?) #Bloghour

2) If you believe that your grammer and writing ability is critical in growing a successful blog then how can you hone those skills if you’re not very good? #Bloghour

3) Do you find it easy to create a varied schedule of blog posts or do you find yourself writing about 1 thing a lot? Sub-question: and WHY? #Bloghour

4) Why did you decide to work with an agency and if you do what was the minimum ‘stats’ you needed to have? #Bloghour

5) Do you have any tips for bloggers who want to approach brands directly? How can they pitch themselves effectively? #Bloghour

6) What (in your opinion) is the primary thing agencies and PR companies look for in your blog when deciding whether to approach or work with you? #Bloghour

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