OK, obviously we don’t mean that!! But it IS another thing that you need to worry about as a blogger isn’t it? It’s not enough that you have to write incredible content, have a beautiful, easy to navigate website, a great brand with fabulous photography…now you ALSO need to be an exceptional marketer too…

WOAH, that’s a lot to juggle right? Especially if you ALSO have a job, oh and a life!

And yet, it really is a skill we all have to learn if we want to share our content, if we want to grow our readership and if we want to build a ‘blogging business.’

So how do you do it? Good question, and one we hope to find the answer to it on Tuesday at 9pm over on Twitter.

Q1) What Social Media channels are you currently using CONFIDENTLY? #Bloghour

Q2) What Social Media channels do you really want to get familiar with? #Bloghour

Q3) Where do you think a blogger can make the most traction with their brand/work? #Bloghour

Q4) What do you think is the biggest opportunity with nailing Social Media? (PR opps, community building, readership growth etc. for example) #Bloghour

Q5) Opinion time: Paid social – yes or no? #Bloghour

Q6) What about any of the newer Social Media platforms (if you know about them?) have you tried them? ThoughtS? #Bloghour

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