We all know it, some of us might not like it, but the truth is that video is the biggest and best tool for building a brand and blog. For some of us, the thought of going in front of the camera is one of the scariest things possible.

But the reality is that we need to face our fear and embrace the world of video marketing and vlogging.

So, let’s dive in shall we?

Q1) Are you currently creating videos as part of your content plan? #Bloghour
Q2) How do you capture and edit your video content? #Bloghour
Q3) Is it ALL about YouTube or are there other platforms a blogger can use? #Bloghour
Q4) Should a blogger drive traffic to their YouTube platform or their blog (and put the video on their blog page)? #Bloghour
Q5) If a blogger wanted to START capturing video content…what are your top 3 tips for doing so? #Bloghour
Q6) Any tips for capturing videos? (lighting, scenery, music etc.) #Bloghour

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