In the wake of the UK Blog Awards and our announcement of 27 incredible winners and 27 fantastic Highly Commended bloggers, it’s not hard to believe that the remaining finalists might be feeling less than a winner now.

BUT one thing we believe here at the UK Blog Awards is that the actual accolade of a UK Blog Award is actually NOT THAT IMPORTANT (yep you read that right) what we focus on so much more here at UKBA is the community and camaraderie that we build throughout our 27 categories and almost 10,000 entrants!

By hosting our weekly #bloghour, working on being more and more inclusive (we plan to have even more categories next year) and offering more diversity throughout the blogosphere – we believe that the community we’re creating is the ‘magnet’ that should attract any blogger to enter #UKBA20 and beyond.

Why does this matter? Well this Tuesday we want to talk about how you can be your own best cheerleader, maintain your enthusiasm and to see that your blog, your content and all of your phenomenal efforts are excellent (win or lose any awards!)

Q1) Do you think you’re good at celebrating your own wins? #Bloghour
Q2) Is ‘remaining positive’ something you task yourself with regularly or is it the last thing on your mind? #Bloghour
Q3) When you face a disappointment or even negativity online what do you do to ‘pick yourself up?’ #Bloghour
Q4) What can we do with the UK Blog Awards to ensure it’s a positive experience for all (unfortunately not everyone can be a winner BUT other ideas very welcome!) #Bloghour
Q5) Would you say the state of the blogging world is inherently positive or getting much more negative? #Bloghour
Q6) What is 1 thing the blogosphere needs to improve on to create a more positive environment for all? (Can we make these improvement collectively?) #Bloghour

We’ll see you tonight at 9pm over on our Twitter page!

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