So the topic for tonight’s #bloghour is very close to our hearts, as we’re smack bang in the middle of the UK Blog Awards 2019 we’ve received a LOT of feedback recently. So it got us thinking, how can we make the most of the feedback we’re given and ALSO, what do you do with feedback that’s maybe delivered in a not particularly helpful, kind or constructive way?

As a business, a brand and as a company who is committed to changing the world of blogging for the better. To implement a new code of ethics, to support bloggers in as many ways possible and to also crack down on fraud, bullying and duplicitous methodologies (did you read about our partnership with Like Wise?)

This journey means that we’re testing a lot of new things…we’re trying different things and we’ve got a lot of ideas and a lot less time to implement it all…so feedback helps to:

  • Save time
  • Learn from our mistakes
  • Understand what works for this community
  • Understand what doesn’t work for this community
  • And so much more (literally- there are so many benefits to feedback)

So we want to talk about this, how you feel about it, how you give it, how you receive it and different ways to implement feedback!

  1. Do you find it easy to receive feedback or do you shy away/take it badly? #Bloghour
  2. Do you think there’s a right way of giving feedback and a wrong way? (or should we say better vs worse?) #Bloghour
  3. When it comes to receiving feedback – what is your ‘best practice’ for capturing and implementing it? #Bloghour
  4. What #mentalhealth advice can you give to anyone receiving feedback? #Bloghour
  5. What tech support is there for giving and receiving feedback? (ways to track it, ways to capture it, ways to process it) #Bloghour
  6. Is there something you would like feedback on today that you can ask the blogging community to help you with? #Bloghour

We can’t wait to talk more about this topic tonight over on Twitter at 9pm!

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