It is a bloggers’ greatest currency – their following. Call it what you will, readership, following, fans, tribe etc. It doesn’t matter the size, if there is a group of individuals out there who regularly follow your content or posts and LOVE what you do then you’ve got a….something. (For the purposes of this article let’s call it a following.)

So what do you do with it? Are there opportunities being left on the table with this incredible group of people who love what you say? We want to explore that in depth during our Bloghour.

Q1) Do you think you have a following? (no matter how small!) #Bloghour
Q2) Do you regularly interact with your following? (Either through the comments on your site or via social media) #Bloghour
Q3) How do you maximise your followers’ engagement? #Bloghour
Q4) Do you use any type of analytics to understand who/what/why/where etc your followers are? #Bloghour
Q5) Do you have a strategy to grow your loyal followers? #Bloghour
Q6) Why do you believe your followers follow you? (LET’S GIVE OURSELVES A PAT ON THE BACK HERE – DON’T HOLD BACK – SHARE!) #BLOGHOUR

Please join us tonight – 7th May over on our Twitter feed at 9pm for Bloghour.

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