We are excited to welcome Event category sponsor,  () as the co-host for  this coming Tuesday 10th February beginning at the usual time of 9pm!

Exhibition News have been super busy planning the Exhibition News Awards for the eventprofs industry, as well as building up to every planners favourite exhibition event of the year, ! We are a regular at this event and we love it. Events provide opportunity to meet up with your industry peers, as well as gaining new contacts and finding out what is hot in your industry!

Even if you do not specialise in events, the questions outlined below for this Tuesday #BlogHour will provide opportunity for cross industry networking and developing your knowledge further. Join us and Exhibition News this Tuesday from 9-10pm  via our  Twitter platform for a great hour of virtual networking.

If you are a regular to #BlogHour, you will be more than aware that this is a great opportunity to encourage Social Media debate, whilst sharing your individual and company Blog posts and meeting like-minded peers! And if you are new, even better, you are about to be introduced to a great networking hour.

The questions for discussion include:

Q1 > What type of events do you blog about?

Q2 > Do you tend to get different readers/audiences for particular types of events?

Q3 > Do you organise your own events? Do you use your blog for promotion?

Q4 >  If you could organise your own event, what would it be and why? How would you promote it through your blog?

Q5 >  Do you read blogs more for news, reviews or for opinionated content?

Q6 > Some say print is dying and content is moving online with blogs. What’s your opinion? Do you still read magazines and newspapers?

‘See you’ Tuesday!

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