We’re so honoured and thrilled to be joined by Katie Buckett- founder of Rogue Ponies tonight over on Twitter for #bloghour.

Rogue Ponies is a platform which brings together talented social creators and content-hungry brands, to create more effective content. You’re selected for your style and skills, not your followers – what you create doesn’t go out on your platforms. It makes you a content studio for brands. Rogue Pnies work with lots of content creators at the moment, with a whole range of skills and styles. They’re always on the lookout for more great YouTubers, bloggers  and Instagrammers to join their platform.
Rogue Ponies wants to help bridge the gap between brands and bloggers, to create a more open dialogue and to ensure that a bloggers creative control isn’t compromised (try saying that three times fast!)
So tonight, our questions are a combination of questions for YOU (dear blogger) and questions for Rogue Ponies to ask and for you to then build on with your own questions. We hope you enjoy!
  • BLOGGERS: Is working with brands something you want to achieve (some or more of) in 2018? #Bloghour
  • What do brands look for when finding a creator to partner with? #Bloghour
  • What makes it successful from a brand’s perspective? #Bloghour
  • BLOGGERS: Once you’ve got an agreement with a brand, how easy do you then find the process? #Bloghour
  • EVERYONE: Where do you see the future of influencer marketing going? #Bloghour
  • How do brands decide what to remunerate creators with? #Bloghour

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