The concept of taking time for ourselves might be quite a foreign one if you’re self employed, running your own business or a full time blogger. As the person doing all the work, it might feel like if you take your foot off the pedal for 1 second then it could all fall apart. In more simple terms we often equate how hard or long we work with how much money we earn….so by taking time off or out we are going to make less which will in turn hinder our lifestyle.

From the outside looking in there also seems to be this misconception that all self employed people and bloggers have ALL the time in the world to go out for lunch, to go to a spa, go to the gym etc. And that working for yourself gives you the ultimate flexibility. But we’re not so sure….

As MD for the UK Blog Awards I often feel tremendous guilt at taking time out from the business to spend an afternoon with my children. Or to go out with a friend for lunch for a catch up. It’s a double edged sword this working for yourself lark…you have the freedom to do what ever you please, but in reality that freedom is actually a chain to your desk.

This #bloghour might move into the realms of personal topics for some of us, and that’s ok. Because we want to talk about looking after yourself, taking time out for you, building that time in before you even need it and just generally prioritising you over anything else (like money, deadlines, external expectations etc.) We hope you’ll join us tonight, because it’s such an important topic and one that you’ll hopefully pick up a few tips from the blogging community.

So our questions for tonight 9pm are:

Q1) Do you struggle to take time for yourself in the week when you need it?

Q2) Do you do anything in the week that you plan that is just for you?

Q3) What sort of things do you do that are just little ‘rewards’ for you personally (all ideas welcome, but keep them cheap and not ‘time costly’)

Q4) What do you struggle with in your week? (For example overwhelm/loneliness/SAD)

Q5) Is there a particular time of the year that you struggle with the most?
Q6) What one thing are you going to do THIS WEEK for yourself?

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