Just to be clear- even though our title is a bit light hearted, we wanted to reassure you that we in no means take the topic or discussion of online bullies lightly. We actually get contacted quite a few times a week by bloggers who are being trolled or bullied online and who are looking for support or guidance. We take our role in this very seriously, and we feel privileged that we get to be a part of a bloggers journey to hopefully making their life a bit better.

With the rise of the internet and social media proliferation we have been blessed with the opportunity to open up our lives, share intimate, funny, challenging, thought provoking and downright personal information about ourselves. This is a fantastic opportunity to have at our finger tips but the rise of our ability to reach millions also means that millions of people see us….and not all of those people are particularly stable nice.

As a nation, we see it every day, with the ability to send 280 characters in under 30 seconds, our consideration of our opinions, delivery or receiver can be nothing more than a passing thought (to some).

We’ve even been the first-hand recipient of the Twitter world’s wrath and judgement, even witnessing several bloggers joy at prolonging the ‘comment train’ to gain more exposure for their own brand…and it sucks.

For this #bloghour we want to really open up this topic of conversation in an effort to shine a light on the behaviour that is occurring on ALL social media platforms, comments on Vlogs and Blogs and even direct emails! If we discuss it, create a safe place where people can feel heard and then in turn make an effort ourselves to STOP judging, revelling in other failures and even stepping in when we see others being the subject of this attention…then maybe we can start a chain reaction of change.

  1. Have you ever been the victim of online bullying, trolling or harsh judgement? #Bloghour
  2. Do you think we should distinguish between online bullying/trolling and then harsh criticism/judgement online? #bloghour
  3. Do you think that bloggers ‘invite’ bullying etc. by putting their content out into the world and should just learn to deal with it or do you think that no matter who you are, you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness? #Bloghour
  4. Are there any resources online for someone who is struggling with online bullying, trolling etc.? #Bloghour
  5. Is there a solution to this kind of behaviour online? (no idea’s a bad idea!) #Bloghour
  6. If there was an online bullying advocacy programme where you could ‘buddy-up’ with a blogger who is being bullied and offer support, help and advice- would you donate your time? #Bloghour

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