If you attended the UK Blog Awards 2015 this April, you may have met with the uber talented, Jonathan Heawood,Founding Director from the who was one of the judges for the Most Innovative category.

Blogging is not only growing across a variety of UK and worldwide industries, but also as industry in its own right. More and more society is experiencing the Blogging and Press debate; are they different, if so, how, why and what does the future hold for Journalism due to the public opinion being heard and accessible more and more in the digital age?

The Impress Project will co-host  this evening from 9pm and they have provided some thought provoking questions below for this evening’s discussion:

1)      How important is it that we trust what we read on blogs? #BlogHour

2)      Do you expect the same standards for bloggers as you would from the mainstream press? #BlogHour

3)      Does blogging open a door to investigative journalism? #BlogHour

4)      Do you worry about breaking the law when you blog? #BlogHour

5)      Does blogging count as journalism? #BlogHour

6)     Have you learnt anything from journalists which you have applied to your Blog? #BlogHour

Don’t forget to connect with  before the hour and if you have not joined us before, you can view our .


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