We are delighted to welcome Event category sponsor,  () as the co-host for this weeks  with the primary focus around blogging/vlogging and live events.   Whether you like attending events, are intrigued what they can offer to you and your industry, or if you are an event professional organising events and wanting to connect with the blogging community, this weeks topic will be an interesting for discussion!

As always #BlogHour take place via Twitter from 9-10pm via our Twitter platform from 9-10pm.

If you are a regular to #BlogHour, you will be more than aware that this is a great opportunity to encourage Social Media debate, whilst sharing your individual and company Blog posts and meeting like-minded peers! And if you are new, even better, you are about to be introduced to a great networking hour (if you do not mind us saying so..).

The questions for discussion include:

Q1> What do you look out for at events that make them stand out? What makes them worth mentioning in a blog post? via 

Q2> Have you ever featured guest posts from #eventprofs on your blog or featured as a guest blogger yourself on other websites? via 

Q3> Is there a difference in blogging during an event or after? Which do you prefer? How do you manage your time if blogging during an event? via 

Q4> How do you define between personal opinion and objective reasoning when reviewing an event? via 

Q5> Do you find adding visual aids ie photos, videos and infographics make your blog post more successful? via 

Q6> Which event blogs do you follow and why? Where do you find inspiration? via 

If you have never taken part in #BlogHour before and want to know more about how it works our  may be helpful.

We look forward to Tweeting with you from our  handle from 9pm this coming Tuesday 9th December 2014, alongside !

Don’t forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag!

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