We see a LOT of sponsored and promotional posts across Social Media…the use of #ad #sp #sponsored is pretty subjective and can be used pretty much however the Influencer chooses. The issue here….is transparency…when you build up a readership or following, those individuals trust you. They trust your choices. Your partnerships….

So what responsibility does a blogger have to their readers? How far can a blogger ‘push it’ with regards to paid for partnerships. Everybody wants/needs to make a living right? So how can a readership control what a blogger does/doesn’t do?

We are fascinated by this entire debate, by the responsibility, the weight and the opportunities that bloggers face on the journey to build a profitable blogger business.

We want to know what you think about this part of the industry, and what we can do to control it.

Q1) What’s your intitial take on the visibility of paid blogger partnerships? #Bloghour

Q2) What should be a bloggers priority: monetising their blogging efforts or being true (could you say evangelistic) with their content for their readers’ sake? #Bloghour

Q3) How could the industry ever be policed/controlled to ensure fair usage and transparency for all? #Bloghour

Q4) Do you have an advertising policy when working with brands or have brands imposed theirs on you? #Bloghour

Q5) Have you ever sought legal advice around this matter? (Perhaps we can get a solicitor or 2 on the chat tonight!) #Bloghour

Q6) Who are the most ethical brands you’ve worked with when it comes to paid for partnerships? #Bloghour

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