We are now approaching the two week mark in the build up to the UK Blog Awards 2015, therefore it is a key time to discuss Bloggers at Events, Social Media usage in the lead up and the online Blogging community with co-host .

 are the Event category sponsor for the UK Blog Awards 2015 and will be at the event this . Their website is a hub of industry exhibitions and careers, as well as the go-to resource for exhibitions organisers, venues and suppliers. April will be a busy month for Exhibition News, as they are  celebrating their . The EN Awards will recognise a unique mix of the very best companies and individuals who represent the POWER of the exhibition industry.

We hope you can join us and co-host Exhibition News this coming Tuesday 31st March from 9-10pm for #BlogHour. In preparation for the hour, you can view the questions below and prepare your answers to enable you to keep up with the busy conversation on the night:

1. A huge challenge in events is time management, how do you manage your time with your blogs? Via 

2. What tools can help you manage your blog schedule better (e.g. lists, apps, google docs)? Via 

3. Do you have any experience in creating an online community/blog forum/twitter chats? If so, what advice can you offer? Via 

4. How can event organisers help attract visitors to their events using blogs and social media? Via 

5. Do you think there’s a way to incentivise people to engage more with an event before, during and after using social media? Via 

6. As an attendee and blogger at an event , when are you ready to pay a premium price to attend? Via 

7. What social media platform do you personally think is best for during the event? Via 

If you have never taken part in #BlogHour before and want to know more about how it works our  may be helpful.

Don’t forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag!

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