Join us for #Bloghour between 9 and 10 pm on Tuesday 25th February.

We are delighted that this week  will be hosting a special  with the primary focus around blogging/vlogging and live events.  Bloggers and blogging are an important part of events ranging from fashion shows, exhibitions, conferences, gigs, festivals, awards evening and everything in between.  Whether you like attending events or are an event professional organising events for a living and wanting to connect better with the blogging community this will be an interesting topic for discussion!

The questions for discussion are:

Q1 Do you blog live at events? How successful has this been?

Q2 What advice would you give to companies/individuals starting out with an events blog?

Q3 How have people found vlogging at events? 

Q4 Where do you look for inspiration with your event blog or other industry blogs?

Q5 from  > Who organises blog meetups/events and what happens at them?

Q6 Do you find there is competition out there with event blogs? If so, how do you keep your blog original?

Q7 In your opinion what would be the most interesting event blog? Here’s ours: 


All participants of #BlogHour are of course welcome to ask their own questions and request any advice they need using the #BlogHour hashtag. And as always please share details of your blog and recent blog posts!

If you have never taken part in #BlogHour before and want to know more about how it works our  may be helpful.

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